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The possibility of verification was added to google image search section

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As the US presidential election approaches, Apple has enabled verification of images searched on Google.

Google's verification feature is now beyond standard search and YouTube. The tech giant recently announced that verification tags will then be used in Google image search results.

To use this feature, all you have to do is click on a suspicious image and find out from the verified source how to change the image and be directed to the full article about the image. If a picture is forged, you can find out if it is forged before you share it with your friends.

Google uses the open source ClaimReview method to use independent and authoritative sources such as PolitiFact in the verification process. This method has also been used in verifications used on YouTube and has received very positive feedback to date.

The timing of this company is very important. The US presidential election is imminent and there are concerns that opposition countries and local politicians may use manipulated images to mislead voters. Of course, this verification may not detect all fake images, but it can prevent some clear examples from entering social media and deceiving some users.