Term of Use

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● These rules are for providing better and more stable services and protecting the rights of other users on the company's shared services.
- These terms may be edited, added or deleted by FBL Solutions, at any time without notice.
- Considering that our company has put the principle of its relations and relations on quality and customer orientation, we hope to be able to provide appropriate services with the cooperation of our customers.
Due to the fact that FBL Solutions is fully subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and also the servers of this company are kept in Iran and the United States of America, these laws include all laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran + international law. (Except for file hosting services or (File Sharing)
Therefore, any action that is not mentioned here, but in accordance with the current laws of Iran or the United States, is against the rules and will be considered a violation of the terms of service.

● If you have trouble navigating the terms of these rules, let us know through our company support system.

● Use of fake profile when joining the user system:
If the user sees the use of fake titles when joining the user system, all user services will be deleted and no payment will be refunded. Therefore, be careful when registering in the system.

Hardware use of shared servers - CPU and Ram resources:
For any site that uses too much server hardware resources, we will offer two solutions depending on the amount consumed:
1) Upgrade to special services, whether virtual or dedicated server
2) Try to reduce consumption within 72 hours

- If a site does not comply with the above, the company reserves the right to block the service.
Also, if a site multiplies its consumption in a very short period of time, such as 24 hours, and causes server and network disruption, the company will block its site without any prior notice to avoid any problems for other users, and then solve the problem with A handful will negotiate.
- Recognizing the amount of site consumption is completely with FBL Solutions.

، Newsletters, promotional emails and spam:
Sending any promotional emails, newsletters are prohibited regardless of the excessive consumption of server resources in any form, and each site cannot send more than 500 emails per day. These emails should not be used for promotional purposes.
- Also, sites on the server should not be advertised in SPAM promotional emails.
- FBL Solutions is under the auspices of the SPAMCOP.Net Foundation and follows all its rules.
- The offending sites will be closed immediately and appropriate fines will be imposed if the company suffers losses.

Hat Chat Rooms:
Chat rooms usually have a very high consumption of hosting functions due to their structure and are prohibited on shared hosting services. In this case, the company offers you virtual servers.

● IRC:
All services of the company are prohibited and the company will immediately block the offending site.

FBL Solutions now has several dedicated backup servers with a capacity of several terabytes. Which regularly prepares backups for shared services.
However, despite these features, the company has no responsibility for the health of the backups and their updating.
- In general, it is the responsibility of users to provide backups, and users must keep a backup of their data somewhere other than FBL Solutions servers and equipment.
- In case of any problem and inability to return information from archives, no objections will be accepted.

● Problems contrary to public and moral ethics:
The use of FBL Solutions servers for storage, display, sending, advertising and any other activity in this field is strictly prohibited.

Destructive Files:
Attempts to create or send viruses, worms, or Internet Trojans, DOS attacks, Email Boombing, and Flooding are prohibited, and the service will be blocked without notice.

Illegal use of server and network:
Violation of the security of servers and networks is prohibited in any way, and in the event of such issues, the company reserves the right to prosecute and sue the offender.

- Some examples of these actions are:
- Unauthorized access and use of data, attempts to access and change the information of other users, attempts to test network vulnerabilities and servers, etc.

Abnormal conditions and force majeure:
FBL Solutions has no responsibility for natural disasters, war, social unrest, strikes, restrictions and government sanctions.
But Mom does her best to solve the problems and reduce the effects of these events. In the face of any of these unforeseen circumstances, there will be no justification for non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement for users.

● Illegal Use.
All services must be used for legal purposes. Any operation that directly violates or aids is also prohibited.
- Some of these violations are mentioned. It is worth noting that the bans do not end there:
- Include any unauthorized information from files that are covered by copyright law (except for file hosting services or downloaded hosting)
- Websites that are contrary to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the United States of America (server location)
- Unauthorized use of other people's trademarks
- Unauthorized use of other people's logos
- Internet scams and any other factor that deceives visitors (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing)
- HYIP active sites or have a system
- Insulting any person, group, organization, ethnicity or country
- Spreading lies against others

Malicious Scripts:
It is forbidden to use ready-made or handwritten scripts that cause excessive pressure on the server, network, bandwidth and illegal access, etc. on our shared servers.
- If you see these scripts on the customer's host, the company has the right to block the service forever without prior notice, in which case no cost will be returned to the customer.
Examples of these scripts are: Rapid Leech, PHPP_r_o_x_y, CgiP_r_o_x_y and the scripts for sending bulk emails and loose ...

● Service Ownership:
Legal ownership of the service is a natural and legal person whose services are under the account of that person in the user section of our company's website.

● Side Programs:
The company does not guarantee the correct operation of any side programs that are not produced by the company and does not have the task of providing a special feature for your site and software.
But it always tries to do its best to make the server compatible with your software and to solve your problem in a friendly way.

● Software and hardware changes:
The world of web and hosting is changing completely. As you know, several versions of new software such as PHP, etc. are released every year, which solve previous problems or add new features to it.
FBL Solutions updates the software for better service, and it's up to the user to adapt to the server's new systems and settings.

● Responsibility:
FBL Solutions' services are the same as those provided. We have always tried to improve the quality of services, but we do not provide any definite guarantee or guarantee about being flawless, secure, and so on.
All written or verbal guarantees provided by employees, agents and others have no credit and the company does not pay any damages for the performance of its service in any way.
The company also has no responsibility for the registration of domains ordered by the user, prior to registration by us, by other persons. It is the user's responsibility to keep this secret, which is the domain name, as long as the domain is registered.
Under no circumstances will the company be liable for any possible events such as loss of information.

Financial Regulations:
Payment methods:
1) At the company's location in cash
2) Deposit to one of our account numbers
3) Deposit online through Shetab cards in the user control panel through the new economic portals, Mellat and Parsian or Saman banks.
4) Payment via Pay Pal, Master Card or Visa Visa

- The cost of all services at the beginning of the course and in full will be received only by the above methods.
The company can keep the service suspended until the full financial settlement.

● Service Extension:
Users are required to renew their service before the end of the service period. Otherwise, the company will reserve the right to block and remove the desired service.
The company will try to keep you informed of the completion of the service in various ways. But if you do not know, it will not create any rights for the user.

● Update Dedicated Servers:
Users of dedicated servers must pay the renewal fee or notify the company 10 days before the end of their service period. If the service is not renewed by the customer, the company will turn off the server one week before the end of the server period. In this case, the information is protected and if requested, it can be extended for up to 72 hours before the end of the period.
- Obviously, if the remaining 10 days are paid for the completion of the services or the unwillingness is sent in writing, the server will continue to work without any problems until the end of the course.

● Price Change:
FBL Solutions can increase or decrease the price of its services at any time and according to market conditions, and the same amount will be issued to the user from the next period.

Money back guarantee:
FBL Solutions will only reimburse the cost in the event that the problem is with the company and in any way fails to provide the service, after deducting it from non-refundable items and in coordination with the customer.
- The criterion for measuring the opinion of the company's technical experts is that they will undoubtedly judge without bias.
Our principle and idea is that we have a duty to solve the problems related to the hosting department and the problems related to the company, so that all our customers are satisfied with their services as always. As so far, the company has proven its honesty and good work.

● External problems of the company's duties:
The company only offers free support when it comes to hosting services. Please note that if you need support in areas that are not related to the company and services or the problems that the user has created, the company will provide after-sales. The invoice and payment by the customer will be able to do or fix the problem. Examples of these requests are troubleshooting or installing portals or web-based software for customers, creating a problem on the host and need to re-create the service, restore the backup if any problem is created by the customer and so on.