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Unprecedented malicious attack on docker

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Docker software hosting servers have been subjected to unprecedented malware attacks. The malware used in these attacks is used to steal valuables.

So far, the infiltration of Docker software servers has been the result of their incorrect configuration, but recently malware attacks on these servers have intensified.

Hackers are trying to steal users' private information by hacking into cloud resources stored on Docker servers. Docker servers host a range of products and software that are compatible with a variety of operating systems, allowing users to use them remotely on PCs without having to install them. These services have been available since 2013, some for free and some for a fee.

Investigations by the TrendMicro Security Institute show that malware attacks against Docker have intensified in recent weeks, and that hackers are trying to gain access to a wide range of stored resources. Accurate information on the severity of the damage caused in this way and the amount of data stolen is not yet available.